Horologist and video

If you could wind back the gears of time would you turn them for me?
Stop the oscillator
Put fallen petals back onto flowers
Send the rains up to the skies.
I would do all this for you.
I would make time stop
Here in that moment
There in the quiet
Everything silent
Just the smell of crushed spring grass
The feeling of the cold dew drops as they kissed my ankles
Whilst a white morning sun caught the corner of my eyes
As I watched you run ahead

Bleaching the fabric of the sky

The sky was beautiful and strange this morning. Not of this world.

For a moment it looked like it had been created by a small child, cutting out the shapes of the sun from paper. The sun had been hiding for days and now there it was glowing with great force against a bleak sky. With a swipe of a misty hand the sun and moon had gone again. I wrote these words to try and capture that moment.